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A better way to watch Sikhi content

Watch your favourite Sikhi content on the only platform built from the ground-up for your viewing pleasure.

Discover + More.

It wouldn't be enough for Nishaani+ to help you discover and support the Sikhi content you love. Nishaani actively produce and curate content that is relevant to you.

What you were looking for

Nishaani+ specialises in curating great Sikhi content & supporting their creators, so you know that you're getting what you want whilst ensuring creators can continue producing great work.

Exclusive original content

Nishaani also produces compelling and entertaining original content for your viewing pleasure, from stories to interviews to animation, it's all here exclusively on Nishaani+.

Secure + More.

Being secure isn't just about the security of your data. It's about ensuring that content is appropriate for the viewer and everything in between.

Age-appropriate profiles

We should all be able to watch Sikhi content safe in the knowledge that the content availble is appropriate for our age, thats why Nishaani+ has profile controls built-in.

Owned & produced within the community

Since Nishaani+ is built and owned by members of the Sikh community, we can all be safe in the knowledge that it has the best interests of the community at its core. No disinformation. All the representation.
Secure + More.

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